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Flexible cable cores


Class V and VI conductors used for the construction of flexible cables, they are manufactured from wires with diameters starting at 0.3 mm, with the number of wires reaching several thousand. Flexible aluminium cables are used in the automotive industry, where copper cables are more often being replaced by aluminium cables during the designing of state-of-the-art vehicles. This allows for the reduction of the cable’s weight by approx. 50% while maintaining the same electrical conductivity. The reduction in the cable’s weight also leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Range of rated cross-sections of the produced cables: 0.75 – 500 mm2.
Execution standards: ISO 6722-2,  LV112-2 and other Customer requirements.


Packaging: NPA Skawina supplies flexible cables in agreed sections, wound onto wooden, steel or plastic drums. Some products can be supplied on steel spools.

NPA Skawina’s offer


We are the only Polish company that manufactures aluminium and aluminium alloy wire rods and one of the biggest producers of overhead conductors and other aluminium products.

Our products are used in the power, automotive, FMCG and household appliance industries.

Aluminium wire rod

Aluminium wire rod, aluminium alloy wire rod, aluminium wire rod for steel deoxidation

Aluminium wires

Aluminium and aluminium alloy wires, aluminium and 6xxx series alloy lightning protection wires, coated lightning protection wires

Overhead conductors

Overhead conductors, high-temperature conductors, low-loss conductors, conductors class II

Flexible cables

Class V and VI cable conductors for the construction of flexible aluminium cables

Conductors class I

Aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors class I - round and sector-shaped

Flat products

Bare aluminium and aluminium alloy types and busbars

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