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Low-loss conductors in NPA Skawina

22 Jul 2020

NPA Skawina has developed an entirely new product range of innovative overhead power transmission cables and conductors.


Thanks to the innovative technology applied, the new products will help significantly reduce power transmission costs in both transmission and distribution lines. The new cables and conductors will find application across a number of sectors, where enhanced electrical properties for power transmission are required (e.g. automotive and power industries).

How does it work in practice?

Synergy and optimisation of solutions spanning materials engineering (aluminium), process engineering and electrical power cable engineering helps minimize power losses caused by overheating of phase conductors. As a result, electricity users will pay less for electricity supplied to their homes or workplaces.
Investment in innovation is an investment in a better future – simple !!!

The project was co-financed by the EU under the ERDF – contract number POIR.04.01.04-00-0022/15

Congratulations to our Engineering Team at NPA Skawina!


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