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No pain, no gain! Special promotion!

14 May 2020

No pain, no gain!

During the last production test, we finally achieved the expected result in terms of aluminum rod with magnesium content over 3% (EN AW 5754). All previous procedural problems have been eliminated.

We invite customers to place orders for samples and finished products.

SPECIAL PROMOTION – we will sell the first 3 coils for the price of the material (LME on the day of purchase)*



We are preparing for the next production test with aluminium alloy with a magnesium content of over 5%. Taking into account the mechanical properties of such aluminium alloy (hardness, resistance to deformation), this will allow checking the proper capabilities of the new rolling mill installation.

At the same time, NPA Skawina, in response to the expectations of its customers in the field of hard aluminium alloys, has planned 60 consecutive test days by the end of September 2020. The effect of this process will be to obtain the full range of aluminium alloy rods of the 2000, 5000, 7000 series.

*1 customer can place orders for one wire rod at a promotional price.

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