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The largest investment of NPA Skawina’s history!

28 Feb 2020

NPA Skawina is proud to announce the completion of the largest investment process in its history.


The cost of the investment amounted to approx. USD 20 million and due to its innovative nature, it has been partly financed by European Union. The scope of the investment concerned the installation and commissioning of the most modern, comprehensive installation for the production of aluminum rod and aluminum alloys. Thanks to this investment, NPA Skawina is joining the elite group of 2xxx, 5xxx and 7xxx series wire rod producers, will meet market expectations and enter a new market area.

We have done a lot already, but we still have a lot ahead of us in terms of carrying out the research program, which aims to develop technology for the production of aluminum alloy wire rods.

Today, at the beginning of a difficult research process, we are pleased to invite our current and future Clients to cooperation. We believe in synergies with our Clients, especially in the area of product creation and continuous improvement. For this reason, everything we are producing at NPA Skawina takes into account requirements of processes and development directions – this is our strength and competitive advantage.

Dear Clients, it is not possible to describe everything in short, which is why we cordially invite you for meetings, conversations and visits in our modernized NPA Skawina factory.

We will inform you in a due course about the unique way of Your engagement in the process of development of new products.

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